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The PHAENON X Projectors

Equipped with high value color laser sources and fast X,Y CT scanners, allowing crisp projections in brilliant colors. Special optical components for beam forming, beam combination and focusing and their professional placement and setup guarantee a sharp precise beam with a homogeneous beam profile and low divergence, even over longer distances.

Laser Hardware

•  Dustproof housing made of black anodized Aluminum with plastic edges including stable stainless steel yoke for truss mounting and bracket for safety rope

• Slidable beam blocking shade fixed on the front panel for beam as well as transport protection

• Degree of protection: IP54

• Standardized Connectors:
AC mains connector Neutrik PowerCon®
Projector signal analog: ILDA in D-sub 25, differential inputs
Remote: 7-pin XLR (RS232, external key switch, Interlock)
DMX In / Out: 5pin XLR

  Sollinger Basic Laser Projector
Phaenon X Pro RGB 5500, 7000, 11500, 24000, RGBY 15500   Phaenon RGB Basic   BLITZ Tipo Basic   Laser Module for mounting to floor, wall or ceiling